Paradise Urns

There is no better way to remember a loved one who has passed on than with a beautiful cremation urn.  Urns allow family members to keep their loved one near while protecting the eartly remains of the departed.


The right urn can help ease the pain of losing a loved one and will provide an important way to remember the special individual for years to come.


Paradise Urns is committed to honoring your loved ones with an urn that memorializes the dearly departed with revernce and respect.


Quality URNs

Precision Crafted in the USA

We build our Traditional Urns with Solid Aluminum CNCed tops and bottoms along with laser cut steel corner posts.  All parts have a Show Quality Powder Coating by a local company, Adrenaline Customs.  3/8 inch solid granite sides complete the urn.  A custom laser engraved front allows for a unique memorial to your treasured one.  Sides and back can also be custom engraved to your precise specifications.